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Maryland 2024 Gun Legislation

February 19, 2024

There is much pending legislation that will impact Marylanders, but there are 3 specific bills before the Maryland House and Senate that take direct aim on our 2nd Amendment rights.  

Dont your representatives now and express your opinions.   It is easy to do and sites like Maryland Shall Issue [] or 2A Maryland [] both provide you with easy email links and phone numbers to your local delegates and representatives. 

HB 0430  will require everyone who carries a loaded firearm to also have a $300,000 liability policy.  This is not just directed at carry permit holders. This will also apply to hunters, trap shooters, casual shooters, 4H and BoyScouts. Even non-federal law enforcement officers will be subject to this requirement.              We suggest that  you OPPOSE this legislation.

HB 0947 & SB 0488  These bills essentially side step existing Federal protections for the lawful commerce of firearms.  It will subject firearms industry members (manufacturers and dealers/gun shops) to frivilous lawsuits for violations of this act by the Attorney General or civil actions from anyone. It basically expects that dealers and manufacturers to foresee how their products will be used after it is transferred to a purchaser. This is an attack aimed to cripple the firearms industry via economic warfare.       We suggest that  you OPPOSE this legislation.

HB0935 & SB0784  This is another attempt to control us economically by adding an 11% excise tax to all firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories. The proponents claim this tax targets industry profits and not the consumer.  Everyone knows that is not the case.  Businesses will pass these costs (taxes) on to the consumer.  We suggest that  you OPPOSE this legislation.

Take some time to make a call or send a email to your representative now and protect your freedoms.
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