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Fingerprint Requirements for MD Permits

February 9, 2024

Maryland requires LiveScan fingerprints to accompany your Maryland Wear and Carry permit and Handgun Qualification License (HQL) applications.   At this time, Mountain Fire, LLC regrets that we cannot provide onsite Live Scan fingerprinting however here are some key points to assist you in completing the fingerprinting requirement:

  1. Paper and ink fingerprint cards are not accepted by Maryland.
  2. The LiveScan operator will provide you with a receipt when you get printed; retain that receipt as it contains a PCN orTCN identification number that must be included with your application.
  3. You will need to tell the fingerprint operator what you are getting the prints for (i.e. Wear and Carry Permit or HQL permit).
  4. You can find a list of providers at this MSP link DPSCS - Fingerprint Services (
  5. Shop around, charges for the service can vary.
  6. Your LiveScan fingerprints are only valid for 30 days so be sure you can complete training and submit you application before the 30day period expires.
  7. If you choose to apply for your MD Wear and Carry permit and your MD Handgun Qualification License at the same time you will need two separate sets of fingerprints completed. You will be given a receipt for each set of prints so be sure to know which receipt corresponds to which permit application.
  8. You can avoid the HQL fingerprint requirement if you apply for your Wear and Carry permit first and wait until receipt of that, then apply for your HQL and no additional fingerprints will be needed.

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