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2024 Maryland Legislative Session concluded

May 13, 2024

Although this 2024 Maryland Legislative session was relatively uneventful with respect to bills relating to firearms, and other activities that fall within our collective interests, we still need to stay aware and engaged.   

Here are a few bills that were presented in this session: 

HB0810 Criminal Law – Rapid Fire Activator (switch/auto-sear) illegal to buy, sell, transfer, transport or mfg.  PASSED

The following Bills all FAILED to pass:

HB 0430
Firearms - Liability Insurance - $300,000 required when in possession of a firearm

SB 0611 Frederick and Washington Counties – Bow Hunting – Openly Carrying Handguns during season

SB 0784 Comprehensive Community Safety Funding Act 11% Excise Tax on firearms and ammo

SB 0983 Hunting - Lead and Lead-Based Ammunition - Phase-Out

The lawmakers will be at it again next January 2025, so please take some time to understand your representatives’ views, and how they voted this year on the issues important to you. Only then can you make good, educated decisions when it comes time to support them at election time.


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