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Louis Haynes

03/17/2023, 07:38

Wayne, Zachary and the entire crew did a fantastic job! Great class! The information was great and very helpful. Sherri and I feel a lot more comfortable with pistols. Thank you to the entire crew for a job well done.

Kareena Padgett

10/07/2022, 09:33

When it came to range time, these guys were phenomenal.

Jay Auxt

09/05/2022, 10:42

Wayne, Zach, & Murph,

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I thought I would sit outside and write a brief note expressing my gratitude for all that you are doing with respect to firearms. I grew up with long guns; originally taught to shoot by my Grandfather. He would set up the cans on a board stretched across a 55 gallon drum that they used for burning trash. I became quite proficient at knocking the cans off the board, but – that was never all that exciting because my Grandfather – well – his approach was always, “OK – Do you see the first ‘O’ in the word ‘Tomato’ on the tomato can?” (And by the way, we always used open sights. “Scopes” were for people who didn’t know how to shoot.)

Anyway, as is common for most of us – we turn 40. The eyesight begins to wane. I missed a shot at a squirrel on our bird feeder once. That was an “eye opener.” (a bad pun) And a few years later, I missed a groundhog. “I’m done!” I thought. I lost interest in firearms all together. Howsomever, we still have our home and family to protect. “No problem, I can still use a shotgun,” I thought. But in the back of my mind – I was well aware that my firearm skills have completely eroded away and my understanding of applicable law was minimal.My sons began purchasing handguns. My wife had more interest in handguns than I did. (That’s a major shift. Historically she hated firearms of any and every type!) I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a handgun – well – unless I was standing inside. But – it was easy to recognize that handguns have their place. Considering the direction this crazy world is going – a handgun could become – well – quite handy. OK – That part of this letter is technically known as “the background check.” That brings me up to the point of this letter. THANKS guys!! Several months ago, I was talking to Wayne about why hand guns are so useless for me. I have three different vision issues. I was explaining these issues to Wayne with the attitude that these issues are unresolvable. Wayne was assessing these from the perspective of, “What can we do to resolve this?” Wayne made several suggestions. My response was always, “Well, that won’t work, because of.....” After going back and forth a few times, he hit the bull’s eye. (OK – pun intended.) Solution, “Shoot right handed, left eyed, and use a pair of glasses prescripted specifically for use while sitting at my computer. I tried that. Wow! What a difference!!! I could actually see what I am aiming at! Then, about a month ago, I was shooting at their range. I was doing much better, but, shots were still going awry. I was getting frustrated. Zach took a hold of my hand and said, “Do you mind if I give you a couple pointers?” For a reasonably bright individual, that was a really stupid question. “Of course I could use some help!” I responded. He started by saying, “You’ve been shooting a long gun for too long.” Then he started moving my trigger finger saying, “Try this for a couple shots.” I shot a few times and the pattern shifted. He moved my finger again and said, “OK, try this.” The pattern moved again. It wasn’t such a great pattern, but it was at least much closer to the bull’s eye.

Then we had the firearm training taught by all three of you. That was an amazing class! Anybody and everybody who owns a firearm, any firearm, needs to take this class!! Not “should;” “NEEDS!” Well – I am going to expand that criterion a bit. IF you have a knife in your kitchen, or a baseball bat in your garage, you need to take this class. Let’s face it, times have changed. The world is crazier. The legal system is trying to keep up. It’s a convoluted mess, but it is what it is. IF you are ever forced to defend yourself or your family with any sort of weapon, you have better have had this class before you do that or – you may save your life, and then spend the rest of it in prison and/or bankruptcy. Trust me, if confronted with this type
of situation, asking the assailant if he would be so kind as to come back after you take this class is – well – probably not going to happen. It’s that important!! The only people who do not need this class are those who have absolutely no chance of ever being attacked. During the second class, they talked about “trigger control.” I was keenly interested. What they were saying made sense. The next evening, I sat in basement and fired at a light switch cover plate paying attention to my aim and trigger control for shot after shot after shot. Before long, I could consistently hold that aim inside the confines of that switch cover every time. “Wow!!” I thought. Heretofore – well even the broad side of the barn was safe around me. What a change! The next day was the final training day. It was the day that we actually squeezed off 26 rounds.

21 of my 26 shots were inside a pattern smaller than my switch cover plate. The other 5 shots were at a much longer distance and still nearby. What a change!! “These folks know what they are doing!” As is obvious from this letter, for me your help and this class were incredibly valuable!! I can’t say that enough. The only downside of the whole thing (and I do mean “only”) is – well – who’s going to change out that light switch?? It’s totally shot!! (OK – a terrible pun.)

Once again,
Thanks so much!

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